Hopluia bottlesKeep Hoplauia, Sonar and Technique DPA Cold!

A treatment known as dry hopping gives our beers its heavenly flavor. Most breweries shy away from dry hopping because it’s very expensive, and the flavor doesn’t last long if the beer is abused. Therefore, Hopaluia , Sonar, & Technique should always be stored cold with no exceptions! If you see our beer being stored warm it is your duty to report the irreverence immediately!

Really now, do report it!  Don’t worry about being polite…..contact us at samale@windstream.net or 402-798-7445, even if you suspect your bottle was warm at one time in back storage or its just not tasting up to our standards, let us know.

With the extra caution taken to keep the beer cold, and a watchful eye in the marketplace, Spilker Ales is proud to bring a taste that’s unique to dry hopping. Our bottles only come in small case sizes of six, allowing the whole case to be stored cold on the shelf.

No MSG, please.

Our beers and lot of people in general do not mix well with MSG.  Hold the bag of cheetos-doritos, onion rings at the pub not made from scratch, ranch/veggie dip, or other known MSG heavy hitters with our beers or you may end up with an unpleasant moo-moo head experience.